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julie posted a blog post
6 hours ago
Tender Thomas posted a blog post

Sept4, 1776: William Williams to Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. - Rely on God

We have thought God was for Us & had given many & signal instances of His Power & Mercy in our Favor, & had greatly frowned upon & disappointed our Enemies & verily it has been so, but have we repented & given him Glory. Open link below to read letter. …See More
7 hours ago
Lloyd Marcus posted a blog post

Where is Our Voice in the Wilderness Touting Conservatism?

For crying out loud, will someone “pleeeeease” take a stand for Conservatism? Someone forwarded this article to me, “Why Are Republicans Suddenly Leaning Left?”  The article cites numerous examples of the GOP obviously believing it must embrace at least lukewarm Liberalism while backing away from Conservatism to win elections.The…See More
8 hours ago
Brenda Bradley posted a blog post

NOVEMBER 4th: It’s up to “We the People” to hold our elected representatives accountable for failing to honor their oaths.

The U.S. ConstitutionToday, Sept. 17, 2014, marks the 227th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. You can honor the day by reading it. It’s up to “We the People” to hold our elected representatives accountable for failing to honor their oaths.Mark Alexander has an extensive archive of columns on the Constitution as it relates to…See More
Brenda Ford Daouk posted a blog post

Winston Churchill to Scotland: Vote for 'Declaration of Independence' NOT Saudi Puppet Britain

At the summit of the constitutional edifice stood a Supreme Court…The new nation was henceforth fortified with something unheard of in the existing world—a written Constitution…THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONTHE GREAT REPUBLIC: A HISTORY OF AMERICABy Sir Winston ChurchillEdited by Winston S. ChurchillCopyright 2000 EXCERPT:Emphasis Added THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION …At the summit of the constitutional edifice stood a Supreme Court, composed of judges nominated for life by the President, subject to the…See More
1*Sherrie (TS CG) posted a blog post

Chuck Heath, Jr.: Just returned from a great trip on the Kenai River

Chuck Heath, Jr., posted this status update and shared a video on Facebook earlier today...September 17, 2014 Just returned from a great trip on the Kenai River. Abby caught a monster silver (that is not a king). Over 17 pounds! I'll be writing a story about fishing the Kenai for an upcoming issue of Last Frontier Magazine.      To watch video: More
julie posted blog posts
John B. Hefmier posted a blog post

Article: Todd and Sarah Palin – Alaska’s Fortune and Sarah Palin – Alaska’s FortunePosted by on Monday, September 15, 2014 · By Tom Anderson Have you…See More
SUSAN posted a blog post

November's Election California!

DO NOT VOTE for Jerry Brown. ONLY VOTE FOR KASHKARI!! California you must get rid of Jerry Brown he has lost billions of dollars these past 4 yrs. Jerry Brown has failed to Create Jobs, Fix pot holes on all major Freeways and Highways and has raised taxes on our gasoline and destroyed innocent children lives with homosexual LIES!See More
1*Sherrie (TS CG) posted blog posts
Tender Thomas posted blog posts
Audrey Ihrig posted a blog post

Please visit Mr. L's Tavern

Mr. L is a big fan of Sarah Palin.  He posted many monologues that support Sarah as well as denouncing Obama.  His September blog is especially good and lasts about twenty minutes.  Mr. L summarizes some of Sarah Palin's latest speech in Arizona.  Here is the link to Mr. L's Tavern. More
julie posted blog posts
Sep 12
1*Sherrie (TS CG) posted blog posts
Sep 12
1*Sherrie (TS CG)'s 2 blog posts were featured
Sep 11
julie posted blog posts
Sep 10


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Chuck Heath, Jr.: Let's all pray for a safe 9/11.

Posted by 1*Sherrie (TS CG) on September 10, 2014 at 9:25pm 0 Comments

Chuck Heath, Jr., posted the following status update on facebook moments ago...
September 10, 2014

Let's all pray for a safe 9/11.

Sarah Palin Goes Rogue and the Left Goes Nuts

Posted by 1*Sherrie (TS CG) on September 9, 2014 at 5:38pm 2 Comments

Sarah Palin Goes Rogue and the Left Goes Nuts

In the September issue of Townhall Magazine, where this article originally appeared, S.E. Cupp explains why the Left still doesn't understand Sarah Palin's connection to real Americans. 

The mainstream, or “lamestream” as she would say, media was so quick to dismiss Sarah Palin’s latest venture, you could almost smell the paranoia.

Bruce Handy at Vanity Fair wrote a scathing review titled “I watched Sarah Palin’s channel so you…


Obama's Trojan Horses, Glenn Beck and Christian Love

Posted by Lloyd Marcus on September 4, 2014 at 8:06am 1 Comment

Insidiously, Obama is using beautiful needy illegal alien kids as perfect Trojan Horses to continue his fundamental transformation of America for decades. A Hudson Institute study shows that illegals granted amnesty by Obama are far less inclined to assimilate; embrace English, the concept of American Exceptionalism and respect our Constitution.

The study also shows that illegals granted a “get in America free” pass from Obama do not view America as being better than other countries. Thus, putting these future Democrat voters on the same page as Obama and the MSM.

Obama using kids as…


Palin Speaks Up Again on the Value of Every Life

Posted by Jackie Sic (TS Mod) on August 22, 2014 at 11:30am 1 Comment

Posted by Gov. Sarah Palin to her Facebook page:

Mr. Dawkins, I'd let you meet my son if you promised to open your mind, your eyes, and your heart to a unique kind of absolute beauty. But, in my request for you to be tolerant, I’d have to warn Trig he must be tolerant, too, because he may superficially look at you as kind of awkward. I'll make sure he's polite, though!



Sarah Palin, Joe Miller and We The People

Posted by Lloyd Marcus on August 18, 2014 at 5:50am 2 Comments

Once again Sarah Palin has proven herself to be a true leader, a powerful voice and a consistent advocate for We The People by endorsing Joe Miller for U.S. Senate, Alaska.

Joe Miller is the only rock solid conservative candidate in the August 19th Republican primary.

While his GOP opponents are squishy on numerous issues, skilled in noncommittal political speech, Joe Miller always says what he means and means what he says; refreshing and honest.

Without sticking her finger in the air to see which way the political wind was blowing or surrendering…


Palin: Joe Miller for US Senate

Posted by Jackie Sic (TS Mod) on August 16, 2014 at 10:59am 0 Comments

From Gov. Palin's Facebook page:

Let’s send in the reinforcements!

To restore liberty, to defend our Constitution, to build American exceptionalism, we must send fighters to the U.S. Senate who will stop Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of the nation we love. The status quo has got to go, and in Alaska the man who understands this key to our state and country’s future also has the guts, wisdom, experience, and optimism to fight for what is right – and win. We said we'd send the good guys in Washington their reinforcements; so, Alaska, here we go!…


Palin: Col. Maness is a conservative, a vet, he's one of us, and he's our best bet to take on Mary Landrieu this fall.

Posted by Jackie Sic (TS Mod) on August 15, 2014 at 9:28am 0 Comments

From Gov. Palin's Facebook page:

#TBT and #lasen update – Help this fighting conservative vet gas up his truck! Could there be a clearer contrast candidate than Col. Rob Maness to take on liberal Mary Landrieu in Louisiana this year? On the one hand you have a liberal career politician who’s voted with President Obama 97% of the time and charged…


Sarah Palin to headline "United We Stand" event in Phoenix at Grand Canyon University Arena on Sept. 4.

Posted by 1*Sherrie (TS CG) on August 4, 2014 at 5:30pm 1 Comment

Sarah Palin to headline political talk in Phoenix

August 4, 2014

Sarah Palin to headline political talk in Phoenix

Credit: Getty Images

NEW ORLEANS, LA - MAY 29: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks during the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference on May 29, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Members of the Republican Party are scheduled to speak at the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference, which hosts 1,500 delegates from across the country through May 31st. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


PHOENIX (AP) -- Sarah Palin will be the headline speaker at a conservative talk radio station's event in Phoenix next month.

KKNT-AM says the…


Israel, the Tea Party and the MSM

Posted by Lloyd Marcus on August 1, 2014 at 8:28am 2 Comments

I am probably not alone in noticing that the mainstream media's deplorable unfair treatment of Israel is strikingly similar to how it treats the Tea Party. In both cases, the MSM has chosen a side, spinning its reporting to brand the victims intolerant, racist and hate-filled aggressors.

Israel was minding its own business when it was attacked by Hamas, showering Israeli towns with thousands of rockets. Hamas seeks the total destruction of Israel. If it were not for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system, millions of Israelis would be dead.

Now get this folks. It does not get more cold, calculating and satanically evil than…




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    Started by Lennart Bilen in All About Politics. Last reply by Lennart Bilen Sep 10. 1 Reply

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    This is hideous.  Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves.…Continue

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